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Caleb Rigsby lives in Odessa, Texas where he has been teaching English and History. A recent graduate of University of Texas of the Permian Basin. Caleb works to inspire future generations of Americans. Battle for the Cosmos is his first novel to be published.

The Greatest
Adventure Ever...

Architect Charles Grove never thought that he would lead the rebellion to free earth from the clutches of an oppressive, other-worldly regime. But heroes are made in desperate times. In a war that sweeps across a hundred solar systems, Charles discovers that behind the politics, behind the treachery, a plot has been brewing for thousands of years to put the whole universe in jeopardy. This is beyond empire and freedom. This is about good and evil.

With his truest friends by his side, Charles must become more than merely a symbol of freedom. Charles must take hold of his destiny as guardian of all free races as he stands against an eternal evil that threatens to bring ruin to the cosmos once and for all.

State of Texas

"It's an amazing book, I had to finish!"

Josh Jackson

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State of Texas

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Note from the author:

State of Texas

This story has been in my head since I was fourteen. While the original story has changed since then, the overall theme of the story has always remained the same. People are meant to do so much more than just live, we all have a purpose, whether we know it or not. The main character in Battle for the Cosmos goes through a journey of finding out what his destiny is and how he can help his people through the toughest challenges.

To those that read this book I hope it inspires you to do as much as you can for yourself and others. Follow your dreams and take chances, because what you do can inspire and affect people all around the world.

Also, a dedication

State of Texas

"This book would not have been possible without the continued support of my family and friends. Whenever I would write something my family was always there to listen and give advice. I will always love my family for their help in this dream I never thought would become reality."

Caleb Rigsby

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