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Caleb Rigsby lives in Odessa, Texas where he has been teaching History. A recent graduate of University of Texas of the Permian Basin. Caleb works to inspire future generations of Americans. Battle for the Cosmos is his first novel to be published.

The Adventure

War between the Light and Darkness is spilling into ordinary life. From a dark prison, the Dark One uses the innate weaknesses of the populations of the cosmos to corrupt and destroy the inner light of all beings. Darkness is not foolish. It knows how to spread war, disease, and misery across the cosmos; to weaken the resolve of people and turn them against the Light. A millennia of war between the two forces has shaken the cosmos to the edge of destruction as the Light grows weaker and millions die.

Charles Grove is a hero of the Great Cosmic War which brought Earth out of its isolation into an age of interstellar politics. The defeat of Kronos and the destruction of the Agonian Empire has not stopped the cosmos from fragmenting into chaos. As leader of the Guardian Order, a respected diplomat of Earth, Charles believes he must unite the cosmos against a greater evil rising from a millennia of imprisonment. Kronos was a taste of the evils lurking in the shadows waiting to envelop the cosmos forever. The cosmos must unite or die!

State of Texas

"It's a sci-fi adventure with ever increasing consequences and ultimate good versus evil!"

Veronica Robertson

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The Greatest
Adventure Ever...

Architect Charles Grove never thought that he would lead the rebellion to free earth from the clutches of an oppressive, other-worldly regime. But heroes are made in desperate times. In a war that sweeps across a hundred solar systems, Charles discovers that behind the politics, behind the treachery, a plot has been brewing for thousands of years to put the whole universe in jeopardy. This is beyond empire and freedom. This is about good and evil.

With his truest friends by his side, Charles must become more than merely a symbol of freedom. Charles must take hold of his destiny as guardian of all free races as he stands against an eternal evil that threatens to bring ruin to the cosmos once and for all.

State of Texas

"It's an amazing book, I had to finish!"

Josh Jackson

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The Battle For The Cosmos Book Cover

Note from the author:

State of Texas

Battle for the Cosmos started as a short story that I wrote in the tenth grade. I never dreamed that the story I wrote for an English assignment would be turned into a novel, let alone a trilogy. My writing was meant to pass the time as a hobby but now I have been blessed to have this opportunity to do something that I have always dreamed about. When Battle for the Cosmos was released in December of 2012 I began writing the second novel Battle for the Cosmos: Rise of the Dark One.

Rise of the Dark One is meant to be a sequel to the first novel that goes in a different direction. There is still the conflict between intergalactic empires but that was not the main intent of this novel. The battle between the light and darkness, the battle that everyone fights daily, was the main war I wanted to show. Charles Grove is like every human in the world at this moment. We all battle with what is right and wrong, good and bad, light and dark. The struggle for Charles Grove to fight against the darkness is a compelling story I wanted to tell because I believe every person can relate to the challenges he encounters.

Also, a dedication

State of Texas

"This book would not have been possible without the continued support of my family and friends. Whenever I would write something my family was always there to listen and give advice. I will always love my family for their help in this dream I never thought would become reality."

Caleb Rigsby

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